A Greener Path

    25th May 2022

In an age where environmental damage and global warming are increasingly pressing global challenges, being eco-friendly has never been more important (Conserve Energy Future, 2022). Conserving energy and preventing air, water and noise pollution have become our biggest priorities to ensure future generations can maintain access to vital resources and experience a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The main producers of greenhouse gases and environmental damage are electricity, agriculture, transportation (C2ES, 2022), and although it takes large action from these industries to create change, there are many things we can do in our daily lives to save the planet and future generations. Turning the tap off while brushing our teeth, using eco-friendly lightbulbs and minimising single use plastics are things that may seem small, but in the scope of things are saving our planet.

Single-use plastics do not biodegrade, they break down into micro-particles that pollute the environment and become extremely detrimental to the ecosystem and the natural resources on our planet (Greenpeace, 2021). Minimising single-use plastics and packaging is one of the simplest ways in which we can make a difference today. It is a simple, easy lifestyle change that we can all adjust to with a bit of planning and effort. Using reusable food containers, cooking meals at home and bringing reusable shopping bags to the supermarket are great places to start to minimise global waste of disposable food containers, takeaway coffee cups and plastic bags, therefore reducing landfill and pollution in our environment.

This is where Thermos comes to the rescue. For over 100 years, Thermos has been creating products that are not only environmentally friendly, but practical, convenient and stylish. Their products range from food containers to water bottles and food coolers.

The Thermos Vacuum Insulated Food Jar is a one-of-a-kind, exciting product that we are selling to make saving the world easy and convenient for you every day. These food jars are designed to keep your food at the perfect temperature all day long, that means no more cold coffee after your drive to work, or warm salads at lunchtime. With the vacuum insulation technology, your food will stay hot or cold, and will remain cool to touch on the outside of the container. The durable, stainless steel exterior is sleek and timeless, and the wide mouth allows for easy serving and cleaning. There is even a stainless-steel spoon that is foldable and fits neatly into the lid compartment for effortless convenience, whether you’re hiking, camping or packing lunch for work or school.  

The range of foods you can take with you is endless, soups, curries, oatmeal, coffee, tea, yoghurt, smoothies, salads and fruits. Even the kids will love taking delicious meals to school for lunch, the options are endless. Say hello to saving money, by avoiding expensive lunch options and saving the planet at the same time!

Image 1 Thermos Container

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Food Jar Features:

  • Thermos vacuum insulation technology provides maximum temperature retention to keep hot for up to 9 hours and cold up to 14 hours
  • Durable BPA-free stainless-steel interior and exterior
  • The extra-wide mouth is easy to fill, serve from and clean
  • Compact and insulated stainless steel serving bowl
  • Includes a folding stainless-steel spoon that tucks away into the lid compartment
  • Cool to the touch with hot foods, exterior stays condensation-free with cold contents
  • Lightweight, compact and portable, perfect for travel and commuting
  • Available in 3 stylish colours (Red, Dark Blue, Grey)


  • Colours: Red/Grey/Dark Blue
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 470ml
  • Dimensions: 14 x 9cm
  • Weight: 400g
Image 2 Theermos Container


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