16th June 2022

We all know that life with a baby or toddler is ever-changing, bringing new challenges and developmental stages each day (D’Eletto, 2022). It is a stage of life in which we notice immense changes happening rapidly. These changes are inevitable and essential to growing up and being human. During these rapid growth phases, there can be challenges for both the parent and child going through these changes.

As a child grows and develops, they are constantly faced with the task of relearning their body and motor skills to adapt to change (Feldkamp, 2020). They need to relearn their centre of gravity, body positions and the length of their limbs, making simple movements more challenging, such as walking, running and standing. These times of growth can therefore lead to phases of increased clumsiness and a higher risk of injury in the child’s daily life. Different stages of life come with varying growth spurts and challenges. It can be helpful to be aware of your child’s growth to ensure you can protect them as much as possible from injuries. Toddlers learning to walk can fall up to 17 times an hour (Feldkamp, 2020). Therefore, additional support has never been more critical.

Significant changes and development happen during the toddler years, and it can be helpful to track your child’s development and keep up with their differences and growth spurts. Although all children are different and growth varies immensely across other people, the most common stages for change can be categorised by age.

Before age 2

Toddler growth varies from child to child and family to family. It is common for a child to grow an average of 5 inches and 5 pounds before they turn two years old. A child’s head will also increase in size and reach 90% of their adult head size by their 2nd birthday (Feldkamp, 2020).

Between ages 2 and 3

During this stage, your child will gain an average of 4 pounds and grow an average of 2-3 inches. Their limbs will grow and become more comfortable with being active (Feldkamp, 2020).

Between ages 3 and 4

During this stage, most children will gain between 4 to 6 pounds and should grow an average of 2 to 3 inches (Feldkamp, 2020).

It is important to note that growth can happen sporadically. It can happen at a steady pace or in shorter spurts depending on the child and the stage they are in. Every child’s rate will differ. It is essential to consult with a doctor or paediatrician if you have any concerns regarding your child’s growth and development (D’Eletto, 2022). Using a chart to record your height, weight gain, developmental milestones, and progress can be helpful. Remember to take lots of pictures, chart every juncture, and be amazed at how quickly your child will grow in front of your eyes, as time does fly!

A range of factors can help signify that your child may be entering a growth spurt. These signs can include increased appetite due to increased caloric intake and energy needs, specific food cravings, growing pains, sleepiness, mood swings and clumsiness.

With most parents’ hands being full, knowing that your child is well protected can give you the peace of mind you need during these crazy stages of parenthood. During toddlers’ peak of clumsiness, as they are getting to learn about their body, it is essential to protect them from injuries as best we can.

This is why we want to introduce the Dono&Dono Fabric Cushion Guard. This padded fabric guard can be tied to the walls of a playpen or cot to protect your child from rough edges and corners. The cushion is easily foldable and has attached ties that can conveniently tie around borders or walls. Whether your child is energetic and loves moving around in a cot, crawling around in a playpen, fidgets in their sleep or is going through a phase of clumsiness, this fabric cushion guard could be the one item that protects them from injuring themselves, making their environment as safe of possible.

The cushion guard is plush and breathable for ultimate comfort and comes in three beautiful designs that are elegant and designed to match any interior décor. Your child will love the patterns that spark the imagination.

Dono & Dono Bumper Guard


  • Size: 144cm x 35cm x 3cm

Designs: Dreamhouse, Polaris, New Etoile

Reasons to use Cot Bumper:

  • Cot bumpers can prevent head concussions if your baby falls to the sides.
  • It can not only protect your baby’s head but also other body parts.
  • It can also prevent injuries such as bone fractures.
  • It provides peace of mind.


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