28th September 2022

If it’s our kids or those of friends and family, most of us do not pause to consider the role of play in a child’s life. We take it for granted that they spend spare moments pushing toy trucks around or playing with teddy bears. But the unknown reality is far ahead of it.

Ride-on toys can be very beneficial in improving a child’s gross motor skills. These are the significant physical movements like reaching, bending, pushing and pulling as well as balance and coordination allowing children to exercise gross & fine motor skills. In simple words, kids learn to move things around. They see how quickly or slowly the toys roll & learn about what they can do depending on how much pressure they apply. Its an early lesson to understand own strength

Pull toys are often considered old-fashioned, but they promote many aspects of toddlers’ development, like problem-solving and whole-body coordination. Pull toys can be an early way to boost toddlers’ confidence and understanding of what they can control. Toe and fro handle them, so they decide where the toy is going, not anyone else (Lovevery, 2019).

Exposure to STEM Learning

If you’re a parent, you have been bombarded with messages about STEM education in the last couple of years. From curriculum changes to toys that are STEM-based, this acronym is popping up everywhere.

If you haven’t heard, STEM learning is about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. Yet, instead of treating these disciplines as separate, the STEM approach focuses on real-world applications of all four as one cohesive learning model. But before you go out and buy a dozen toys with a STEM sticker on them, look at how toy cars are already fulfilling that type of learning. Toy cars teach kids about trajectory as they launch mini cars off a loop-de-loop. They learn about velocity, distance, gravity, weight, and more.

STEM-based education is all about doing rather than watching. And toy cars and trucks allow children that opportunity even before entering a classroom. Whatever you do, don’t feel that you need to do more as a mom to give your child more access to STEM learning. Trust us, they are learning by playing (Carlos, 2021).

Focus on Fine Motor Skills

Playing with small toy cars builds a child’s fine motor skills. They develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity in both their hands as kids pick up, carry, throw, push and pull small toy cars around.

Fine motor skills are vital. These skills are built upon each other. So grasping and moving toy cars makes it possible for a child to hold a pencil later, cut with scissors and bead a necklace. Once they progress to remote control cars, they enhance their understanding of dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive Development

Children learn through playing. And it’s that play-based learning that builds their understanding (or cognition). They begin to learn about the world and its role in it. They know they get in a car to drive to places.

Playing with cars and trucks puts them in the driver’s seat for once. Kids love to be in control of their environment. And while they are years away from getting behind the wheel, they can begin to exert their free will as they play with small cars.

They learn about cause and effect when they play with small cars. They understand that a whole can be comprised of individual parts. They learn the word car first. Soon they know about tires, doors, windows and so on (Carlos, 2021).

After carefully considering these factors, we decided to introduce bc babycare’s Wiggle car. It’s the new ride-on phenomenon in children’s toys! Pedal free, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. Fascinate and delight your children for the coming years! This awesome ride-on toy is not hard to understand at all! By swinging the steering wheel to and fro, your children can easily control the speed and direction.

Bc Babycare Wigoe Car


  • A super fantastic car to keep kids active and will indeed become your child’s preferred method of transportation:
  • Enjoy listening to music while riding.
  • Soft LED light. The front light will light up upon moving.
  • Extra wide seat design to fit one adult and one child. Can withstand weight up to 50kg.
  • Special wiggle car design for a smoother ride. Quiet wheel with reduced vibration. Three hundred sixty degrees of flexible steering.
  • Premium PP material with shock absorber.


  • Weight:5.99kg;
  • Color: Green, Yellow & Red
  • Main material: PP;  Wheels: PU
  • Max load bearing capacity: 50kg

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