11th May 2022

It is important to keep babies dry and clean at all times to prevent any type of illness. Spitting, drooling up milk, every such thing is a part of their developmental phase and babies do it all the time. Every parent raising baby is aware that messiness will come through the process. Mealtime cannot be usual without baby smearing food over adorable faces/cheeks.  While it is easy to wipe out the face but clothes require more effort and time to clean and can also become permanently stained. You must be thinking bibs are the perfect solution to handle this situation but if you prevent clothes bibs will get messy and stained and again you have to wash them.

Should I use bibs for a newborn? Many people think that bibs are only for those babies who have started eating solids or are drooling/teething needs bibs. The reality is that babies need bibs from the first day of their arrival (Shah, 2020). Some babies suffer from acid reflux. During the feeding, session bibs can add up and provide an extra layer of protection above the baby’s cloth.

How many bibs do I need? Every baby is unique so it depends on how often your one spit or drool. This number may vary from family-to-family thinking of that we decided to introduce BC Babycares’s disposable bibs which can be used when required and disposed of right away.

As the name suggests these bibs can be disposed of immediately after use. They serve the same function as other bibs despite being disposable.  They are very useful while travelling or attending family functions. They are lightweight and easily soak the mess falling on them.

Babycare Disposable BIBs 20 sheets

Disposable baby bibs 20 pieces in a pack. A soft, water-resistant layer prevents leaks and ensures dry and clean cloths. Great for meals at home and on the go. Adhesive strips to hold securely and easy. With a pocket in the bottom to catch crumbs and leftovers. These Bibs are made of strengthened paper and are light in weight when compared to silicon bibs which make babies a bit uncomfortable. It comes with waterproof backing and an absorbent front.

Bc Babycare Disposable Bibs


  • Easy to carry and use: designed to be easily carried and used. Keeps parents away from cleaning trouble.
  • Disposable environmentally friendly material. Can be easily discarded after use.
  • Water absorbing surface: high-quality non-woven fabric and absorbent paper, fast absorption.
  • Stains isolation, protect baby clothes.
  • Double fixed patch: there is fixed adhesive on the back, which can effectively prevent the bibsters from tearing, moving and falling off.


  • Weight:0.19kg
  • Materials: non-woven, absorbent paper, PE waterproof film, release paper.


  • Deer
  • Banana
  • Apple

There are various types of Bibs available in the market. You can choose one according to your needs.

  • Silicon Bibs- They are soft and waterproof they can be cleaned after meals and reused.
  • Plastic Bibs- They are thin like cloth bibs but made of plastic that can be wiped after use.
  • Smock style Bibs- They are Bibs with sleeves they are specially for messy eaters as they provide full coverage.
  • Disposable Bibs- They are single used bibs that avoid all the hassle. You can carry them with you everywhere and use them when required (Taylor, 2021).